Sira soundproofing systems and products are perfectly suited for industrial environments where applications must fit highly strong, durable and versatile requisitions.

Since his origins, Sira is a privileged supplier for steel industry designed interventions with a largest number of installations. Our typical, particularly appreciated solutions are represented by command pulpits, area and process cabins featuring lighting, safety and air conditioning systems; strongest doors and dorways with high noise insulating and impedancing performances.
Bridge crane control pulpit cabin.
Automated PLC controlled sliding cabin on milling line.
Automated PLC controlled sliding cabin on milling line.
Noise damping compartment on furnaces - ladles pre-heating area.
Soundproofing building on cryogenic plant.
Soundproofing sliding capsule on 50.000 tons hammer.
Shear-stacker steel line soundproofing cabins.
Stacker system soundproofing cabin.
Stacker system soundproofing cabin.
Control pulpit on rolling line.
Control pulpit on sendzimir line.
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