Company overview


During early ‘70s Ci.Elle Snc was born in Turin. Ci.Elle was a small, familiar craftsman company which specialized in metallic carpentry works. At this stage, noise reducing products activity was indeed marginal if we consider overall business area.

Following initial period, Ci.Elle Associates obtained more and improved acoustic technologies and know-how, basically after relevant experiences with French Companies linked to Elf Aquitaine. These skills were transferred into Ci.Elle and then into a new, expertised spin-off project named Sira: Società Italiana per il Risanamento Acustico, nowadays best known on reference markets as Sira. – Soundproofing Systems. ‘


Over these years Sira strenghtened and mastered experience of acoustic, dust control and pneumatic conveyance areas. In particular, a continous effort in research and field testing had been critical to work out a large number of acoustic-physics cases on plants and industrial systems, through design and construction of soundproofing handworks, structures and silencers.

From now on, industrial noise removal activity becomes Sira core business. The method consists in several phases: first, to observe starting situation and take noise levels from discretional sources analysis; then, to identify adequate structural solutions and practical interventions. Every intervention comes along with structural and acoustic survey and conformity declaration editing.

‘90s - today.

After a profitable generational turnover Sira keeps on working like always in the past, with same methods, same product quality care and the “customer oriented” vision that keeps total attention to quality and performance. Countless collaborations with World leading Companies imponed since many years certified management and production systems: UNI EN ISO 9000 for design, engineering and production quality system and UNI EN ISO 14000 for environmental management.

Our acquired specialization on hi-technology specific products, like double-stage “tornado” silencers, granted us to penetrate critical markets like USA and Asia.

As always in the past, nowadays our philosophy keeps great attention on essential activities aiming to continuous growth like R&D, field testing, training for technicians and operators.

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