Sira soundproofing products and systems will meet customers’ needs through highly customized designing and engineering processes.

Every Sira project will be developed in compliance to methodological and quality standards which are realized in a strongly customer-oriented environment. For this reason, we can fit flexibly to most specific and complex requests, by substainable and aimed solutions.

Sira intervention method is composed of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Cognitive Survey.

In accordance with the Customer, problems are been detected and achievable objectives focused;
Phonometric, vibrational and dimensional surveys are been carried out, along with detailed objective and morfological examinations at the site, whatever can be linked to noise pollution forms;
Machineries, mechanical components, systems, production areas and different activity areas are been analyzed;
Procuction and manteinance critical factors are been screened;
Aesthetical, economic and functional requirements are been properly considered.

Phase 2: Solutions detection.

The phase where solution design begins, to cancel or reduce noise source polluting influence through alternative / completing interventions:

Noise source removal: this kind of intervention will be performed straight over noise sources, whether noise source is a machinery/system or a different noise-transmitting item (waste chimney, valve, ventilator, mechanic shell, machine tool…). Source removal activities will be achieved through high value design and technological solutions, like cabins and canopies, encasings, absorbing and reactive silencers, shieldings, ambient treatments, enclosures.
Noise receiver intervention: when noise source interventions are not possible or not sufficient, the solution is to carry out structures or items expressely made to insulate sound pressure-invested areas. Typically linked to such solutions are soundproofing cabins and command pulpits, enclosures, barriers and shields, absorbing tunnels.

Phase 3: Project Accomplishment.

Every Sira supply will be accomplished by two planning phases:

- Acoustical design: starting datas are been processed, and result-proof solutions are been detected; acoustical design will be different according to problem entity, noise damping to be achieved, source type, receiver, and relative spatial layout.
- Operational design: when task becomes operational, the hypothetic structural solution will be translated into geometry and structural elements which are manufactured by us

In compliance to Sira methodology, every intervention project will be formalized through:

1 Problem declaration and analysis;
2 Phonometry description and sound damping calculation on every described item: doors, doorways, panelling and silencers;
3 Solution detection and description;
4 Acoustic guarantees evidence.

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